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  • How to Build Predictable Pipeline
  • Following Up With Leads 
  • How to Build Your SDR Team (Recruiting, Training, and more)

                         Outbound Sales

                         Success Stories

  • Salesforce added an Extra 100M in revenue.
  • Echosign grew from $0 in revenue in 2006 to $144 million by 2013. 
  • Responsys grew 10x from $20 million to $200 million in 5 years.

A Prospecting Team Is The Growth Engine Behind Any B2B Sales Strategy  

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About the Author

Jesse Neugarten is currently on the Sales Development team at Socedo in downtown Seattle, Washington. Socedo just raised another $1M in March of 2017 to continue helping companies target sales leads from social media activity. The 1 million investment came from TechStars Ventures, Vulcan Capital, and Divergent Ventures. Jesse has a bachelor's degree in the field of mathematical economics from Oberlin College. He was a former Associate  at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in the Finance and Entrepreneurship Department. 

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